Notts is a criminal haven?

First – Who removed my bookmarks on my google homepage?! Gee. You don’t realise how bad your memory really is until your bookmarks go missing. I’m officially in pain.

Nottingham has been named the 4th worst place to live in the UK. It was 7th in 2006.

Yes, my apartment was broken into. Yes, my neighborhood grocer and postal office were burglared. Yes, police sirens was a norm at night. Yes, I have friends who get robbed and beaten up. Yes, notices for witnesses to murders on the buses were common like concerts posters. Yes, the insurance premium is really high. Hey, who says we live in a perfect world? I recall avoiding the mashed snow and chewed gum more than the dark alleys of the evil market square. Of course, this is coming from someone who did not have a habit of locking her door.

It’s really not that bad, if you can bear with the inconvenience of broken windows and inaccessible grocers from time to time. When the police is cordoning off your area, just go watch a play or something. Plenty to do!


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