Gilmore girls’ are (more than) alright


On a scale of 0.88 – 2598, how insane would I be if I buy the entire set of Gilmore Girls DVD?

I cannot get over the fact that the girls are no longer speaking fast. When I saw ‘Lorelai’ in Evan Almighty, I was mildly disappointed as she seemed so normal.

My current fav: Season 6 Episode 13 – Friday Night’s Alright For Fighting
“The Huntzbergers told her she wasn’t good enough, and Mitchum told her she didn’t have it.” “He what?!” “Yes, and now she’s dropped out of Yale, but the three of us can knock some sense into her.” “Of course we’ll help you. This is not happening.” “I’ll call Charlie Davenport tomorrow.” “Thank you, guys, so much. Just thank you.” End scene! — Lorelai


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