Flying on an alert

Besides sitcoms, my favorite genre of TV shows has to be investigative documentary. NatGeo‘s Air crash investigation and Seconds from disaster are among the top highlights. I have since become more tuned to the aircraft and the people onboard the craft. I pick my seats carefully and look out for unsafe acts. The knowledge from the shows has been a pretty big hit in social conversations as well!

Of course, no one wants to ever encounter what they have shown in the shows. But I cannot contain my excitement!

In my most recent trip back to Singapore (i.e. yesterday) from China, I finally experienced my first missed approach! This is absolutely ahead of the time in Japan when the aircraft’s internal battery went dead or the time when the lady tried to use text messaging at 25,000ft. Oddly enough, I was rather smug when the pilot calmly informed the passengers about the situation as I had sensed that there was a problem when I felt the landing gear extending and retracting. At one point, it even felt jammed.

Now that I’m back on solid ground, I almost want to go back into the air. This is despite ziplocking 100ml bottles 4 times in 2 weeks.


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