Face of (web)social networking

So I admit. I like Facebook. When Dee first invited me to sign up in June, I did but shrugged it off soon after.

Anyway it is rather exhilarating to see “So&So is now your friend” popping up from the system tray. Hey, I have not met most of them for years. How can I, thus, be blamed for setting the homepage to auto-refresh every minute? So far, I’ve only had dinner with one of them since our reunion on FB. I sure hope this will continue.

Add me, if you know me and I will throw you a pretty fluffy pillow.


  1. areya

    Hello. Long time no see/read. It’s comforting to know some of us are still around.

    Couldn’t add you on facebook though. Somehow typing your name in brought up 29 people who are distinctly ethnically not you.

    Stay well.

  2. D W

    Was checking through my old emails and found one which you sent to me. Tried entering “www.sic.per.sg” and was pleasantly surprised that you are back writing again. It made my day.

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