Books and lack of

Do you enjoy celebrity blogs? Rather, blogs maintained by TV/movie celebrities, then and now. I have just read one by a local celebrity. Her entries are pretty decent. Probably because she is no longer in the limelight. Shrug, not likely to remember to read it again. I’m too lazy to follow someone’s life these days. Probably because I’m too lazy to get of bed and not spend my entire Saturday on the mattress.

Anyway back to topic. I need to read, desperately. I strongly believe that my lack of direction and focus is due to lack of stimulation. So I went to Kinokuniya and the national library today. The latter is closed, permanently. It’s quite a strange feeling to see white pieces of paper wallpapered onto the glass panels. The former is a Christmas nightmare. Why do people wrap the books with the store gift wrapper? They look like house bricks with old newspapers stuck onto them.

Note to anyone who wants to buy me a book for Christmas, don’t bother to wrap. I will love you more.

Incidentally – I read anything but romance. Surprise me!

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