Adding Joan, Medha, and Areya to facebook is really time-twisting so much so that Michael J. Fox1 will be proud.

John is right. Back in 1997, the celebrity term ‘blogs’ did not exist. Web fanatics had personal websites with content of either daily muses (such as Pei and Jasmin) or simply design (the likes of Becca, Elisha, and Jennifer). Pretty much like now, except that no one expected to gain media-fame, or rather you can only be as famous as the cables can stretch on the seabed.

I guess it’s inevitable that we grow up, get married, move to a new country, have children and in short, move on. If we are still made to struggle and wrestle with cgi, perhaps the ahem celebrity bloggers will not be motivated to begin their online domination, let alone airbrush their banner images. Does this make me a conservative?

  1. If you find this confusing, you must be born in the 90’s []


  1. Jasmin

    There were the more famous “personal” bloggers, of course, but they were noticed for their acid tongues (or fingers) and witty copy, rather than fake eyelashes and shamelessly hanging out year old laundry soiled with everything imaginable.

  2. .pei *

    Yes acknowledge that, though I was referring to the media-crazed fame. People like Tom are known for their commentary and they are admired for that.

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