Day: December 24, 2007

A picture a day

What have you done to remember the past 6 years? You may have kept a journal (in a nice binded book, on scraps of receipts, online with a visitor tracker or online with a password). You may have used a video camera. You may have taken photographs. How many?

He took one a day from January 11, 2000 to July 31, 2006. He has such sad eyes. Or he is staring too hard into the lens. Listening to the music, I am kinda afraid that the ending may be nasty. Not horror film nasty. But sad nasty. Do not worry. The video may have ended in 2006, he is alive and still doing the same thing everyday. I think the concept is not his own. Does anyone know which movie is it adapted from?

And yes, you’re right. I am entertained.

I cannot even keep track of yesterday. And I love The Simpsons.

Happy holidays everyone. I had a great evening – cooking and force-feeding a family who hates non-Chinese food.