The Bag Post

Phone rings – life springs into action and everyone (almost) reaches into the pocket/handbag/laptop bag/paper bag. A ringing tone brings the entire please-do-not-look-me-in-the-eye communting community together.

stuffed in a small clutch

[Inspired by ST URBAN’s TheBagPage] I cannot believe the amount of things a woman can stuff in a clutch bag.

– Always amused myself whenever I attempt to answer 1. Not so funny when an airplane ride popped the top panel.
– 4 is a gift from colleagues who thought I really need to organize my keys.
– I have a love-hate relationship with 7 as I don’t really fancy either dry or wet eyes.
– One day I will be severly locked out if I keep forgetting to bring 10 to work.
– With an inhumane amount of pain that no one should be subjected to, 2 can be a lifesaver.
– 8 may one day prove to reduce the pain in the head
– Although I do not use 6 to write on 5, former is important for quick notes and latter tracks meetings and entertains with vexed!
– 9 and 3 are lovers. One does not leave the house without the other.


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