Push the clastrophobes over the edge

It is easy to feel like a slice of processed cheese when the stranger-mom on my left keeps looking over to the stranger-mom’s-daughter on my right.

I believe the whole internet world (and the Japanese mobile phone clan) is already aware of the rooms. One note though – incessant clicking of the mouse on the screen can be very painful.

Crimson room – Interesting.
Viridian room – Rather spooky.
Blue chamber – Huh?


  1. areya

    The worst is the viridian, and the easiest was the blue, but I suppose playing the games in the above order, it would be.

    HOw are you?

  2. Joan

    Yup, how are you?

    I totally agree about the incessant clicking of the mouse being painful. In fact, the reptitive motion and sound was quite driving me crazy, plus not being able to find the clues.

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