Month: September 2005

Oh my my

I’m officially (and very seriously) addicted to internet shopping. It’s almost like my tv-watching habit is not making me anti-social enough. Now I don’t even have to step out of the house to buy clothes/accessories/proactiv/etc.

And do you know you can find out if someone ‘blocked’ you on MSN? Puts the whole “Big brother is watching” thing into perspective huh? First, watch what you say on the blogs. Now, watch who you place on the blocked list.

The internet used to be such a simple place.

Snappy spree

So I bought another digital camera in the last PC show.

lumix fx9

It is totally an unnecessary purchase. Well, only to satisfy my own vanity, and from that standpoint, it may actually be necessary. What I did not expect is to be told, after making the payment, that the ordered&confirmed color-of-my-choice is no longer available.

The fact that I made up my mind in 1/4 of the time I would normally take to decide on any purchases above $50 hinted that I would not take it lying down.

I wonder: Do sales people find it empowering to psyche customers out of what they have already paid for?