Shoot, saves and upload?

The only possible advantage of living in a small country was rudely removed from list when the rest of the world board the same bus and simply refuse/ignore your tiny request to alight, for the next four stops.

Not like anyone even visit this site. However in case you are, could you tell me which other gallery script is fabulous? Talk a look at still and tell me you can recommend something better.

Someone on TV decides to talk about blogging. Some girl agrees to talk about her site (read: boost traffic). Some self-proclaimed moralist decides that anyone else who does not go into length about philosophy, life, or politics is inherently not worth reading or following. Well to his defence, he didn’t exactly say he is a moralist.

You know what? I enjoy talking about mundane nothingness and life-outside-US-elections. I know I never will have an opinion worthy enough of a2000-word essay published on the internet, so all I am going to say is – they are still talking about blogging?

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