Say Something

standing on the metal grilled floors in between train cars sometimes makes one feel like the train cars can somehow disengage and pour the contents of the cars (us) into a deep abyss. OR one can experience better ventilation and airconditioning.

ever wondered what that actor was saying in the movie in between the noisy sounds of popcorn and nachos? Just love to re-enact the scenes of a movie but didn’t quite know the lines? Here is your solution. Some may be inaccurate, most would be spot on while others, well…. see what you can find there for yourself.

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  1. P

    Well a letter prompted this – almost forgot that I was still paying for this webspace.

    It’s like paying for the air. You can’t see it yet, you get billed for it.

    And I didn’t know smileys work here… hmm ;)