A New Toy

Holding on to the standing poles in the middle of the trains for support can be hazardous. Some just don’t seem to see the fingers wrapped around the poles for some reason. They barge through the train doors and plonk themselves, their backs onto these fragile fingers. No apologies not withstanding. Have sent in a suggestion to the train people to make these poles electrified.”

Made a purchase. Not sure if it is out of good judgement. I am enjoying the complexities of learning the functions of a new toy. Giving up this proved to be a harder task than I imagined. The deletion of words and numbers with a detached mind can be sobering. Desperate times lead to desperate measures.

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  1. -cj-

    hey, they have those new standing poles with 3 sides to it so that it’s not just one vertical metal pole and more people can hold on or lean on it without squashing people’s fingers. Haven’t seen them?