Month: July 2004

Keeping it alive

You stepped out of the train with a tinge of excitement for the impending shopping spree, then the 2-tonne cartoon paperweight dropped on you as you were left waiting for the shuttle for 40 mins. Free service is still a service, a concept not so obvious to some.

Working and relying on computer software only mean one thing – virus checks and updates. Ok that’s two. And running updates mean one more thing – inserting cd1 and cd2 ten times over. My fingers ached after the third time, wonder how is the rom doing.

And so PC Advisor is going under. I distinctly remember talking about the crowdiness of the IT section at the newspaper stand. Personally, it’s not that there aren’t enough people reading the magazines, there aren’t enough gadgets/ inventions/ interviews/ promotions to share among the printed matter.