Month: June 2004

Say Something

standing on the metal grilled floors in between train cars sometimes makes one feel like the train cars can somehow disengage and pour the contents of the cars (us) into a deep abyss. OR one can experience better ventilation and airconditioning.

ever wondered what that actor was saying in the movie in between the noisy sounds of popcorn and nachos? Just love to re-enact the scenes of a movie but didn’t quite know the lines? Here is your solution. Some may be inaccurate, most would be spot on while others, well…. see what you can find there for yourself.

Grammar school

Some people like to sit on the seat-dividing-groove. Not dance to it. Some like to fall onto the seat with all the mighty strength they can muster. Not with an ‘excuse me’. Some like to read other people’s text messages. We need voting booths for that.

From synapseman: How grammatically sound are you?

What is a misplaced modifier?? Gee. And being scored as a Grammar God tells me nothing. I still don’t know what is a misplaced modifier?? Is that even taught in school? Or on a poster on the train?

Draw your heart out

Two daily tabloids. Pairs and pairs of eyes. Handful of drifting minds. Couple of text-ing fingers. Hardly any serious conversations. More often than not, travelling time is not well planned.

If you secretly enjoy drawing flowcharts (using the right symbols) or drafting the floorplan of your dream home, SmartDraw maybe worth considering. Especially when a PPT screen cannot handle the extra-large process flowcharts..

Watch Your Front!

Boarding a jam packed sardine bus and moving right into the rear only to realise there’s another bus with the same service number totally empty. The look on the face. Priceless.

260, 000 people have decided to bid for seats for this year’s National Day Parade. which actually calculates to 10 persons bidding for one seat. You can join in the ranks of those who want to want it live. Or. You could stay home and watch it on 5.

If you missed the auditions last week, here‘s another chance to shine and be our Singapore Idol.


When the bus inspector boards, a flurry of activity happens. Heads start peering into bags, and pockets for ezlink cards and ticket stubs, some hurriedly head for the exit doors and hoping that they are not going to get caught for overstaying or scanning their ezlink cards at the exit door a stop after they board. Some sleeping ones are caught unaware when the inspector nudges them. Next time an inspector comes on board, which group are you in?

Watching trailers can be fun. Especially if you have not been to the movies lately. This however is a good place where you can view movies done by film students, underground directors and enthusiasts. Choose your genre. You should find something you like there!

It’s the time of the year again

slapping the bus seats silly won’t make the body heat of the last person who sat there go away. enough said

It’s going to be a packed weeekend again at this event. you can bet there will be many happy bargain hunters hoping to walk away with the summer’s hi-tech, digital toys. Not to be confused with this website. Will be an interesting weekend for those with whopper sized wallets.

Mine’s a hamburger without the meat pattie.

Eyes On

Watching the traffic slow to the standstill during peak hours can be frustrating. From the vantage view from a person in a bus, what goes on in cars are like advertisement spaces. Each car tells a story. Singing with their eyes closed, gestures and body language and the occasional private displays of affection all seem non visible to those outside their vehicles.. or is it?

This and this have made me laugh daily. It is good to know local humour can be found on the net. The current economic downturn has turned many of us into unsmiling workaholics who can’t even stop for a minute in the day and laugh.