Month: May 2004

A New Toy

Holding on to the standing poles in the middle of the trains for support can be hazardous. Some just don’t seem to see the fingers wrapped around the poles for some reason. They barge through the train doors and plonk themselves, their backs onto these fragile fingers. No apologies not withstanding. Have sent in a suggestion to the train people to make these poles electrified.”

Made a purchase. Not sure if it is out of good judgement. I am enjoying the complexities of learning the functions of a new toy. Giving up this proved to be a harder task than I imagined. The deletion of words and numbers with a detached mind can be sobering. Desperate times lead to desperate measures.

Ready, Set… Hold on

“Ladies and gentleman.. we’re 5th in the queue for take-off.” Words that brought simultaneous inner groans, including lady in green kebaya. Baking on the taxiway, the longest wait began. 30 minutes into the 5 that were promised, the grey drizzle parted and disclosed a fluffy white sky that prepared itself for the arrival of SQ866.

Apparently Hong Kong Park View is an expensive place. Or at least it is in an expensive neighbourhood. The suite is impressive. The smell isn’t. The service is good. The food isn’t. Well who says we can win it all?

Hong Kong is a truly a melting pot. You can’t see 1st world and not-so-like-of-1st-world side by side in Singapore.


Standing on the platform, at least 100m from the train driver, twists of his white-gloved wrists signal “step on the brakes – open door – sip coffee – close door – move along so I can do this again”. What would we do without him, really?

Every now and then, someone will stand up and throw meringue pies at blogging engines. Frankly, I have no clue what makes WP better than TXP than MT than Blogger and you get my drift. In case you have arrived at this site looking for over-the-top reviews on the tools, you probably would prefer to look up this comparison chart.

I have no cableTV but I have LDOCE. Don’t envy me.

What’s that again?

Fact: People using the mobile phone and talking loudly in a confined area for e.g., a bus is like attending a seminar. You may not like what you are listening to but what choice have you got?. Reality: Everyone wants to hear about your ex’s scandalous trip with a whore last week.

A visit to an electrical trade-in shop opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Five minutes into the shop and I was already asking for the trade-in value of my mobile phone and eyeing perspective second hand ones like a hawk. No marketing plan required. Lock em Rack em and Stack em. Am convinced I will be back there very soon. A modern state of the art pawn shop cum barter trading if you asked me. Not for the weak hearted.

Almost brand new Xbox at SGD260. woohoo.

Virgin Post Below

Did you ever notice how buses smelt like when it’s packed with students? The moment the bus stops by an educational institution, the children from hell are unleashed onboard. Volume control and kill switch are not included.

I’ve never thought about seriously owning a driving license. Perhaps it’s just plain laziness or out of sheer budgetary constraints. Until that day arrives, I’m stuck with public transportation. Like it or not, they move a lot of people around everyday. Hopefully I can relay simple everyday scenes that tell a larger tale of the lives that we lead.

In other news, Beckham’s latest tattoo on his neck has sparked off great discussions and debates in the UK. Having a new tattoo and having the front pages of most newspapers there covering the “event” seems to just add to the ludicrous stuff hapening in the world today.

And the story is…

Five days a week, two hours a day – be it on rubber spinning discs or high voltage stain’ful’ tracks, I commute. 13,200 minutes of watching and listening, I commute with obligation and much wistfulness.

More than a year ago, I would not have thought that will still be around to witness Olympics 2004. Rather than an emotional attachment, it’s more of vanity.

Someone once wrote a pretty long article that cool URIs don’t change. I must admit that I did not finish the article. Read: Short attention span.

This is traffic. Our stories begin with stepping onboard the public transportation.